What is seasoned split firewood from Classic Firewood?

Seasoned split firewood from Classic Firewood is a mixture of local hardwoods (cherry, oak, maple, locust, and more). Our hardwoods are machine split to usable pieces. Pieces range in size from 3"-6" thickness and 15"-19" lengths. Our seasoning process is natural and we consider our firewood fully seasoned at 8 months or more with less than 20% moisture content. 

How to get a fire going when wood is wet or not fully seasoned?

It is recommended to always have a dry wood supply located in the garage or shed. Use this dry wood to get your fire started and reach a hot burning fire, then start mixing in other wood you have. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and venmo. We make many deliveries without the customer being home and leaving a check under the door mat is acceptable. 

After I place an online order, what can I expect?

We will contact you for delivery details of your order, where wood should be delivered to and stacked (if needed), payment confirmation, and any special instructions you might have. Checks are payable to Classic Drainage, Inc. 

I have a problem with my delivery, what should I do? 
Contact us immediately so we can correct the problem at 703-724-1110.